Money Management

Penny Kidd

Pennywise Coaching

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Coaching is relationship based. Most of all, personal finance is PERSONAL. It is a process of establishing financial goals and learning skills to achieve the goals YOU set and develop good habits that last. Through private and confidential judgment-free sessions, I provide encouragement and accountability over time to help my clients become more intentional with their money and feel more confident in their financial future. We help you create a custom budget for your situation and put systems in place to help you maintain it for life to reach your own goals of eliminating debt or building wealth. I help couples get on the same page and make agreements to ensure they are aligned in their goals and direction with money. I also work with small business owners to establish a plan for their business income to save for expenses including payroll and taxes that ensure their profitability.

When my clients follow the plan we develop, they make much quicker progress toward their goals because they have the benefit of my experience and the accountability to stick to it while they’re learning something new. Most of the people I have worked with not only start paying all their bills on time, but they pay off thousands of dollars of debt quickly and begin saving and have a plan for every dollar they make.