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The approach Kristen and Ed employ to Financial Planning is both unique and refreshing. It all begins with Education. We go to school for 12 to 16 years and learn reading, writing and arithmetic, but we never learn how money works. Kristen and Ed have found a way to change that.

Using simple terms and easy to understand concepts, Kristen and Ed will teach you how to grow and protect your money for college funding, retirement or simply wealth building and they often are able to do this with money that you never knew you had.

If you would like to:

  • Learn how much you will need for Retirement

  • Learn how to create a Tax-Free Retirement Plan

  • Learn how to protect your Retirement from Stock Market loss

  • Learn the best way to Protect both you and your Family from negative life events

  • Learn how to get help with College Student Loans

  • Learn how to find relief if you are behind in Mortgage Payments

Kristen and Ed are eager to teach you those principles and concepts about money that will help secure your future.