Credit Strategies

Alexandra Erlich

Credit Strategist

Direct Phone: 303.668.0300


When I say I can relate, when I say I understand, I don’t just say that as a euphemism. I say that having ridden the credit roller coaster personally. From being young and “dumb” and not understanding I actually had to pay back the money I borrowed to surviving the massive upheaval in the mortgage market. Being self-employed all the through a messy divorce, having children, and navigating the “challenging” process of fighting with medical insurance on those kids’ behalf, I have been through it all! I have personally walked away from several homes in foreclosure, filed bankruptcy, and started from scratch (more than once). I have spent countless hours and dollars fixing and navigating the way that my story looked on paper that in no way shape or form matched the massive life events and hurdles that I successfully conquered. Because of learning the credit game, I was able to level-up how I looked on paper and even leverage personal versus business credit.

No matter what the life event or circumstance, I not only don’t judge, but I am here to relate to you. I am here to remind you that all your dreams and goals are possible with the right strategies and resources when you simply let go of the perception and embrace the credit game. Whether entering into, coming out of, or drowning in a life event, I’m here to help you conquer the credit game.

Having spent the last 25 years entrenched in the real estate and financial worlds, I found that access to solid information and consulting resources within the credit space was lacking. I facilitate people and businesses reaching their goals quickly, cost effectively, and with solid fundamental strategies through credit optimization and consulting. I draw from my experience and the wide spectrum of knowledge I have gained to help people transcend whatever challenges life throws their way and make sure that their story on paper matches the intentions set forth.

I believe that through education and experience anything can be accomplished. By pulling from personal experience and the experiences of clients I strive to facilitate achievement of business, consumer, and overall identified goals. Utilizing educational, consultative, and partnership minded platforms I create win-win outcomes, while growing revenue and increasing consumer satisfaction.